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En+ Group is the largest producer of low-carbon aluminium globally. We are unique among natural resources companies.

Our business advantage comes from the full integration of world class hydropower assets that reliably and sustainably supply the electricity required for the production of aluminium. That means more control to drive cost-efficiency, to innovate and to reduce emissions
  • No. 1 aluminium producer outside of China

    No. 1

    • 12

      aluminium smelters

      3.9 mtpa total capacity

    • 9

      alumina refineries

      10.4 mtpa total capacity

    • 7

      bauxite mines

      20.6 mtpa total capacity

  • No. 1 independent hydropower producer globally

    No. 1

    • 4

      hydropower plants

      15.1 GW installed capacity

    • 16

      combined heat and power plants

      4.4 GW installed capacity

    • 1

      solar power plant

      5.2 MW installed capacity

Our commitments

Our commitments

We are focused on demonstrating the ambition, vision, management and oversight that will set the benchmark for corporate governance. Sustainability is at the core of our business. We have established processes that allow the business to identify risk and opportunity and the flexibility to respond quickly to both.

Our commitments

Our commitments

We are proud to be the world’s largest producer of low-carbon aluminium. Lightweight, strong and durable, aluminium is a crucial metal in the development of sustainable transportation, buildings, infrastructure and everyday products. It is endlessly recyclable without any loss of its unique properties, making a significant contribution to the developing circular economy. In fact, 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today. Powered by 15.1 GW of hydroelectricity, the carbon footprint of our ALLOW aluminium is at least 60% lower than the global average and we are committed to driving this lower still.

Our commitments

Our commitments

We are committed to supporting global efforts to meet the Paris Agreement’s target of limiting world temperature rises to 1.5°C. We are working towards the scale production of carbon-neutral aluminium, ensuring our operations have only a positive impact on the environment. We lower emissions in the production process every year; we invest in R&D to provide innovative sustainable technologies; and we scrutinise every aspect of our integrated value chain to minimise our environmental impact.

Our commitments

Our commitments

We are dedicated to providing rewarding employment for people around the world. With world-class Health and Safety measures embedded across all our operations, learning and development programmes open to all, and fair remuneration packages, we are helping all our staff build life-long careers in the sector. We take a similarly responsible approach to the communities in which we work, developing programmes that improve education and social opportunities, environmental conditions, and access to vital services around the world.

A worldwide presence

Resilient business with unique asset base and attractive growth prospects.
Map of operations

Aluminium for the world of tomorrow

En+ Group is the world's largest independent producer of low carbon aluminium and hydropower, with global leadership in aluminium production efficiency due to fully integrated world-class hydroelectricity assets that reliably and sustainably supply our aluminium smelters.
We are well placed to provide sustainable materials essential to driving a greener, cleaner economy.
  • Boguchany Power and Metals Complex (BEMO)

    Development projects

    Boguchany Power and Metals Complex (BEMO)

    The largest energy and metals investment project in the world, combining an aluminium smelter of 600 ktpa (upon completion of phase 2) of primary aluminium and HPP with 3.0 GW of installed capacity.

  • Taishet aluminium smelter

    Development projects

    Taishet aluminium smelter

    Construction of a new, state-of-the-art aluminium smelter with a design capacity of 428.5 kt of primary aluminium. The project will further reinforce its position as one of the leaders of the global aluminium industry.

  • ‘New energy’ HPP modernization programme

    Development projects

    ‘New energy’ HPP modernization programme

    New Energy is a programme modernising the power plants of the Angara and Yenisei HPP cascade to ramp up the energy output.

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