Protecting the environment is at the heart of the En+’s green business model

En+ Group’s commitment to being a world leader in addressing climate change and environmental issues means that it surpasses its legal obligations, running many voluntary projects on environmental protection. The Company is investing in the development of new technologies and the modernisation of equipment to enhance production efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of its operations. We are continuously increasing the use of renewable power resources, and improving waste recycling and processing processes.

Goals and commitments

  • To comply with the requirements of environmental legislation;
  • To assess and minimise biodiversity risks;
  • To increase the use of alternative energy sources by 2030;
  • To reduce the average carbon intensivity of generated and consumed electricity;
  • To increase clean electricity generation by improving hydropower plant efficiency by 2.5 TWh, from the same amount of water passing through the turbines, and prevent over 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum from 2025;
  • To eliminate untreated wastewater discharge generated by the power segment by 2030;
  • To minimise non-production water losses through technological optimisation by 2030;
  • To deploy recycled water systems for main processes in the Metals segment by 2025;
  • To decommission equipment wuth PCBs (polychlorinated biophenyls) ane ensure their safe disposal by 2025;

Key results in 2022

Decrease in intensity of GHG emissions from electrolysis operations from 2.28 t of CO2 e/t Al


compared to 2014 baseline

Reduction in volatile organic compound emissions


compared to 2020

Share of alternative energy sources used for aluminium smelters of the Metals segment


Environmental investments

RUB 16.6 bn

+45% compared to 2021

HPPs were certified in accordance with the international ISO 14001 standard


Share of total waste reused and recycled


ASI certified production facilities


Decrease in total waste generated


compared to 2020


brand of low-carbon footprint aluminium

Key programmes

Environmental management system

The Group is constantly improving upon its environmental management system based on international standard ISO 14001:2015. The production facilities owned by En+ Group entities successfully apply this system.
Environmental management system

Climate change

We are constantly expanding renewable energy sources, improving production efficiency, implementing energy efficiency programmes, and reducing the negative impact on the environment and climate. The Group announced its intention to achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2050 and to reduce GHG emissions by at least 35% by 2035 (Scopes 1 and 2 vs the 2018 baseline).

Climate change

Energy management

Ensuring energy efficiency is one of the Company's strategic goals. En+ Group implements various energy efficiency measures that reduce the amount of greenhouse gases from its production activities, as well as energy and process fuel costs. We intensively improve the ways to generate electricity, optimise power generation, and make our aluminium production more efficient to address our carbon footprint and other issues related to the environment and climate change.

Energy management

Air quality

En+ Group recognises that its operations have an impact on air quality, hence strives to minimise and mitigate its atmospheric emissions by implementing the following initiatives and measures.

In line with its responsible approach to the issues of air quality in the regions of operation, En+ Group has been involved in the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan as part of the Ecology national project and the Clean Air federal programme since 2018. The programme is aimed at minimising total emissions in Russia’s 12 industrial centres and, as a result, achieving at least a 20% emission volume reduction by 2024 relative to the 2017 base year in these cities.

Air quality

Water resources conservation

Since one of the main environmental goals of En+ Group is to minimise its negative impacts on water resources, En+ Group is taking the following steps to ensure sustainable water management:

·         water quality monitoring

·         increasing the water recycling

·         increasing the quantity and quality of wastewater treatment processes

·         decreasing the volume of fresh water used in operations

·         decreasing the volume of wastewater produced and the concentration of hazardous substances contained therein.

Water resources conservation

Lake Baikal

The Baikal natural territory is one of the most significant ecological systems located within the borders of the Russian Federation, where the most acute issue is the sustainable development of the territory to preserve the integrity of natural landscapes and ecosystems, create comfortable living conditions for the local population and support eco-friendly tourist infrastructure. We clearly understand the interdependence between our Power business and Lake Baikal. 
Lake Baikal

Waste and safe tailings management

En+ Group is striving to mitigate its impact of waste generation and to enhance waste management by taking the following measures:

•             conducting the R&D activities on waste recycling and implementing the results

•             implementing the advanced disposal facilities to ensure the long-term and reliable storage and/or burial

•             raising the awareness about waste management throughout the Group

•             reducing the amount of bauxite and nepheline residue generated by the Metals segment and ash and slag waste generated by the Power segment.

Waste and safe tailings management


En+ Group operates in line with approved the rehabilitation plans that consider potential risks applicable to a specific facility, the amount of work and resources required.

The works include the following aspects:

·         reclamation of the disturbed terrain and soil upon the completion of open-cut mining

·         restoration of the waste disposal facilities, such as ash dumps and landfills

·         recultivation of the contaminated lands and disturbed terrain.


Biodiversity protection

With operations across Siberia and alongside the Angara and Yenisei Rivers – unique natural regions with vast biological resources, En+ Group recognises biodiversity preservation as a core topic in its sustainable development approach. In order to maintain a high level of environmental management in the field of biodiversity in 2021, En+ Group has developed and endorsed an general and highly specialised policy for the conservation of biological diversity. The Biodiversity Policy is binding both for the Metals and Power segments and emphasises the key principles and attitudes towards biodiversity, and describes Group’s approach managing biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services.

Biodiversity protection

En+ Group programmes


Ecological Monitoring of ‘Krasnoyarsk Stolby’ National Park

In cooperation with the Krasnoyarsk ‘Stolby’ National Park, the Company has been monitoring the technogenic impact on natural complexes of protected areas.


Reclamation, Reuse and Repurpose of Bauxite Residue

At our alumina refinery at Aughinish we have developed an industry-leading approach to the management and land rehabilitation of `bauxite residue disposal areas’.


360’ campaign

Initially launched in 2011, Project 360 focuses on the regions where En+ Group has operations and in recent years has developed new volunteering formats: waste collection, tree planting, and construction of tourist facilities.


Biodiversity Conservation programme

Installing bird-protecting devices

En+ installs bird-protecting devices to prevent the death of birds from contacting power lines and deterring them from landing on power line pylons and minimise the risks of outages and reduce the number of short-circuits on lines caused by birds.

Assessing the impact of HPP operation on aquatic bioresources

In 2022, a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the operation of the Angara cascade HPPs on the state of aquatic biological resources in the areas of their impact was carried out in two stages.

Advanced methods to use ash and slag waste

The Company develops and implements advanced methods of ash and slag waste management and takes measures aimed at improving its waste management system.


Environmental Projects Grant Competition

Launched in 2020, our Ecological Grants Programme is designed to boost community sustainability initiatives. 


Environmental monitoring of Lake Baikal

Since 2019, En+ Group has been supporting an independent scientific expedition for environmental monitoring of Lake Baikal.


Ensuring the Welfare of the River Vym

Planning is underway for the modernisation of sewage treatment processes at En+ HPPs.


Sewage treatment

Planning is underway for the modernisation of sewage treatment processes at En+ Group’s HPPs. 


Green Office

In early 2022, En+ HQ switched to the separate waste collection system and completely moved away from single-use plastic cutlery. 

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