The Power segment accounts for c. 7% of the Russia’s total electricity generation2


Unparalleled cost efficiency throughout of the value chain

The Group’s power generation assets are located in the east Siberian and Volga regions, with the Company engaged in all major areas of the Russian power industry, including: electricity and heat generation; electricity, capacity, and heat sales; heat distribution; retail power trading and supply; engineering services; and electricity distribution and transmission. Our Power segment is also investing in R&D in the power generating sector, including the development of new types of perovskite-based solar panels.

  • 19.5 GW

    installed electricity capacity

  • 15.8 th Gcal/h

    installed heat capacity

  • 37%

    power market share in Siberia

A cascade of 3 HPPs on the Angara river and 1 HPP on the Yenisei river harness the potential of one of the world’s largest river systems located in Siberia. The Company produced 77.8 TWh of electricity in 2019, which represented 7.2% of Russia’s total electricity generation.

Hydropower is a key component of the Power segment

Hydropower is a key component of the Power segment

Over 15 GW of the Power segment’s portfolio comes from hydroelectric power plants (“HPPs”) located on Siberian rivers — the Angara and the Yenisei. The Group operates four HPPs, including three of the five largest in Russia or twenty largest globally in terms of installed electricity capacity: Krasnoyarsk HPP (6,000 MW), Bratsk HPP (4,500 MW) and Ust-Ilimsk HPP (3,840 MW).

15.1 GW

installed electricity capacity




Combined heat and power plants

Combined heat and power plants

The Power segment operates 16 combined heat and power plants (“CHPs”) with a combined installed capacity of 4.4 GW. The presence of both HPPs and CHPs in the asset portfolio allows En+ Group to optimally distribute the load of the plants in order to maximize the cumulative result. Russia is the worlds largest user of district heating. En+ Group supplies heat in the form of steam and hot water to different industries and more than 500,000 households in Siberia, the Urals, and European part of Russia.

4.4 GW

combined installed capacity


combined heat and power plants


Solar power plants

Solar power plants

In order to diversify our renewables mix, in December 2015 we launched a pilot solar power– the Abakan solar power plant in Siberia with an installed capacity of 5.2 mw. The Abakan SPP has over 20,000 solar modules and a total area of 18 hectares. The plant produces enough electricity to meet 1/30 of the Abakan city’s total demand using clean renewables. This has allowed a reduction of coal consumption at a local thermal power plant by more than 3,500 tonnes, cutting around 8,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

5.2 MW

installed capacity

6.2 mn kWh

generation in 2019

Krasnoyarsk HPP flyover close

Hydropower advantages

The Group believes hydropower is the power source of choice for the energy transition due to its key benefits:
- low and stable cost base;
- constant, permanently available power source, guaranteeing reliable supply;
- load flexibility;
- CO2 emissions-free generation.

Operational performance 2020

  • HPPs production

    69.3 TWh

    +7.9% year-on-year

  • CHPs production

    12.9 TWh

    -5.9% year-on-year


    26.9 mn Gcal

    -1.5% year-on-year

Cost-efficient portfolio of assets

The Group's reliance on hydropower provides for exceptional financial efficiency. The combination with thermal power generation supports fundamentals of En+ Group, providing additional revenue streams.

  • Revenue

    USD MN

    • 2020


    • 2019


    • 2018


    • 2017


  • Adjusted EBITDA

    USD MN

    • 2020


    • 2019


    • 2018


    • 2017


  • Net profit

    USD MN

    • 2020


    • 2019


    • 2018


    • 2017


Supportive businesses

  • Electricity transmission and distribution

    Our network consists of more than 41,000 km 0.4 – 500 kV power lines and over 9,000 substations with total transformer capacity of over 27,000 MVA. Running one of the largest regional electrical grid systems in Russia for more than a decade has allowed us to increase the grid’s efficiency, reliability and resilience, making it less vulnerable to weather-related outages. Through this system, the Group transmits the electricity generated at the Angara cascade HPPs to wholesale and retail consumers, including RUSAL’s aluminium smelters.

    Despite severe weather conditions in Siberia we are Russia’s #1 grid company in terms of overall reliability of performance (SAIDI). We continue to develop a smarter grid to ensure more reliable supply and greater utilization of electricity flow.
  • Retail

    Through its Irkutskenergosbyt, Volgaenergosbyt, and MAREM+ subsidiaries, the Company purchases electricity on the wholesale market (from both the Group’s generating facilities and third parties) and resells it on the retail market to both industrial consumers lacking access to the wholesale market and residential consumers. The Group also makes heat and electricity sales directly to end-users. In 2007, the Group’s subsidiaries in the Irkutsk and Nizhny Novgorod regions were granted the status of guaranteeing suppliers within these regions. In accordance with this status, the Group is obligated to form an electricity supply contract with any consumer located within these operational areas applying for such a contract.
  • Coal production

    The Group’s Coal segment provides its CHPs with a self-sufficient coal resource base and covers En+ Group’s internal coal demand. A portion of the coal produced is sold to third parties both in Russia and abroad.
New energy3

New Energy programme

New Energy is a programme modernising the power plants of the Angara and Yenisei HPP cascade to ramp up the power output using the same water volume passing through the hydropower turbines.
  1. In terms of installed power capacity as of 31.12.2019
  2. The Power segment produced 77.8 TWh of electricity in 2019 (excluding Onda HPP)
  3. By total installed capacity at 31.12.2019
  4. Including Onda HPP (leased to RUSAL)