‘New Energy’ HPP modernization programme

Modernisation indor

New Energy is a programme modernising the power plants of the Angara and Yenisei HPP cascade to ramp up the energy output using the same water volume passing through the hydro power turbines.

Another of its objectives is to reduce environmental impact by curbing the greenhouse gas emissions of the Company’s coal-fired power plants. In 2019, the programme enabled En+ Group to ramp up its power output by 1.7 TWh. The programme was first launched in 2007 for the large-scale overhaul and replacement of the core equipment of the Company’s largest HPPs located in Siberia – Krasnoyarsk, Bratsk, Irkutsk, and UstIlimsk HPPs.

The programme entails the modernisation of hydroelectric generation units and replacement of runners, transformers, and open-type switchgear. Higher efficiency (max + 8%) will be provided by the new runners’ improved blades and utilising new materials. A higher level of safety and reliability of the HPPs is another priority of the modernisation, which will mitigate risks associated with cavitation and prevent the HPP generators from wearing out.

So far, 12 runners have been replaced at Bratsk HPP, 4 runners at Ust-Ilimsk HPP, 2 runners at Krasnoyarsk HPP, and a project to replace 3 generation units at Irkutsk HPP is underway.

Key figures

  • RUB 21 bln

    till 2026

  • 2.3 mln t CO2

    greenhouse emissions cut

  • 2.0 TWh

    additional power
    production of modernized

Following completion of the New power programme, the Group’s HPP efficiency will match that of the world’s best, providing better reliability and quality of the power supplied to Siberian consumers. In addition to projected cost savings, the New power programme will positively impact the natural environment of Siberia; the hydroelectric energy will be used to partially replace the energy generated by coal-fired power plants, subsequently curbing GHG emissions by 1.9 million tonnes СО2 in 2019, and the modernised turbines incorporate an up-to-date runner design that prevents turbine oil leakage into water.

Programme status

Ust-Ilimsk HPP


runners replaced

Krasnoyarsk HPP


hydraulic units replaced

Bratsk HPP

12 out of 18

runners replaced

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