En+ Group is also one of the largest employers in Russia as well as in other countries where the Group operates large industrial complexes, including Jamaica, Ireland and Guinea. The Company currently employs с.90,000 people across two business segments in 12 countries.

Key figures

  • 91,153


  • 27%

    female representation in 2020

  • 87.2 %

    of employees were covered by collective bargaining agreements

Nothing is more important to us than the safety, health and well-being of our staff. In addition to offering a range of recreation and sports activities at all our facilities, employees at every one of our operations have access to high quality medical services. In Russia, Guinea, Guyana, Nigeria, Ireland and Jamaica our employees and local residents have access to world-class emergency and preventative healthcare

Key programmes

Diversity and inclusion

We seek to build a diverse workforce and are constantly striving to build an inclusive environment. We make every effort to create a fair working environment, provide equal employment opportunities and reward excellent performance. By developing the competencies and leadership skills of our employees, we are creating leaders of the future. We comply with relevant legal obligations across host jurisdictions for people with disabilities, providing all our employees with the appropriate working conditions.

Diversity and inclusion

Personnel training and development

En+ Group’s entire training system focuses on the development of professional skills, meeting high standards, ensuring safety and pioneering long-term technological development in the industry. The development and training of employees is of paramount importance to En+ Group. The Company aspires to attract the best talent, enhance their professional skills and provide them with a variety of high-quality training tools and programs.

Personnel training and development

Human rights

We respect individual freedoms and human rights, provide equal opportunities to all employees and do not tolerate any form of discrimination or child labour. To this end, the Company respects all labour laws and contractual obligations to its employees. En+ Group adheres to the Russian Labour Code and the Russian Constitution and pledges to combat child labour and provide human rights protections to all. The Company has drawn up a comprehensive set of corporate documents to regulate ethical compliance.

Human rights

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