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En+ Group is the world’s largest producer of low-carbon aluminium. Our vertically integrated business model allows The Group to achieve unparalleled operational efficiency.


En+ is the world’s largest producer of low-carbon aluminium and biggest independent hydropower generator

With an annual production capacity of 3.9 mmt of aluminium, En+ is the largest aluminium producer in the world (ex-China), while our 15.1GW of installed hydropower capacity makes us the largest independent hydropower company globally. The Group has a well-established presence across five continents and c.90,000 employees.

  • 12

    countries of operation

  • c.90,000

    employees worldwide

  • 3 of 20

    the world's largest HPPs


Symbiotic combination
of assets

En+ core operations are in Siberia, Russia, where the Group’s largest aluminium smelters and HPPs are located. The geographic proximity and complimentary combination of our assets form En+ vertically integrated business model. Aluminium production is powered by renewable hydropower, lowering costs and emissions. The Group ranks in the first decile of the global cost curve while producing carbon emissions that is less than four times the industry average. Moreover En+ is the only vertically-integrated aluminium company able to fully meet its own hydropower and alumina needs as well as having a c. 80% self-sufficiency in bauxites and nephelines, which represent two-thirds of our costs.

Key figures

The world’s largest aluminium producer (ex-China)

4.2 mtpa

aluminium production capacity

The largest independent hydropower generator

15.2 GW

installed hydropower electricity capacity

EBIDTA margin


as at 2023 FY results

Environmental protection investments

USD 207 mn

in 2023

Robust corporate governance


of INEDs on the Board

Leading the fight against climate change

En+ is committed to become a global leader in addressing climate change mitigation issues. In 2021, En+ announced a goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The Company also has a medium-term goal to reduce greenhouse gases by 35% by 2035 (compared to 2018).



We are working to develop our inert anode technology, which has the potential to drastically reduce the emissions associated with aluminium production. In our power generating business, the Group is also developing perovskite solar cell technology, a new generation of photovoltaics.

En+ Group actively supports the development of industry innovation.


Committed partner

The Group plays a leading role in the sustainable development of regions in which it operates and has a wide range of projects aimed at preserving eco-systems, bolstering social dialogue and enhancing living conditions for local communities. Examples include the comprehensive conservation programme En+ Group is undertaking around Lake Baikal—a multi-disciplinary approach encompassing scientific research, voluntary initiatives and educational platforms.

Proven track record

Through strategic acquisitions, asset consolidations and organic growth, the Company has developed into a leading global vertically integrated hydropower and aluminium producer.

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