En+ Presents Second Report on Progress Toward Net Zero

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september, 2023

Russian energy and metallurgical holding En+ (LSE: ENPL; MOEX: ENPL), a leading global producer of low-carbon aluminum and renewable energy, unveiled the Company's achievements in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050,  and climate goals adjusted for the current situation. The report presentation took place during En+'s Carbon Neutrality Day at Skolkovo Technopark.

Key participants in the event included En+'s Director of Capital Markets and Financial Products, Elena Ivanova; Directors of Sustainability at En+ and RUSAL, Anton Butmanov and Irina Bakhtina; Executive Director of the Skolkovo Center for Sustainable Development, Elena Dubovitskaya; Director of the Institute of Global Climate and Ecology named after Academician Y.A. Israel, Anna Romanovskaya; Nikolay Bulatov, Director and Head of Knowledge-Intensive Technologies and Innovation Economics at the Skolkovo Foundation, along with other experts in the low-carbon agenda.

Anton Butmanov, Director of Sustainability at En+, remarked, "The issue of preserving the ecology and resources of our planet remains at the forefront, becoming even more critical in Siberia and other regions of our operational activities due to current events. In response to external challenges, En+ has not only continued the implementation of sustainability projects but also regularly updates them in line with national and international requirements and best practices, expanding their scope."

En+ adheres to its previously announced plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, with an adjusted interim goal of a 35% reduction in emissions targeted for 2035. Specifically, decarbonization in the energy sector will be realized through the implementation of energy-efficient technologies, transitioning heat generation to gas, constructing hydroelectric power plants, and neutralizing emissions through actions such as wetland drainage, afforestation, and carbon capture.

Irina Bakhtina, Director of Sustainability at RUSAL, added, "Nearly a third of RUSAL's total sales volume is now attributed to 'green' ALLOW aluminum (low-carbon footprint aluminum), and demand continues to grow steadily. Further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in the metallurgical segment will be ensured primarily through the continued adoption of advanced electrolysis technologies, transitioning facilities to carbon-free energy sources, improving energy efficiency at all production stages, and expanding the use of secondary aluminum in line with the principles of a closed-loop economy."

Notably, the En+-organized event achieved full carbon neutrality. The Company offset greenhouse gas emissions through green certificates. Additionally, guests and participants planted 25 trees in the Skolkovo Technopark, and all plastic waste was sent for secondary recycling.


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