En+ Invests RUB 2bn in Modernisation of Walking Excavators

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june, 2024

Russian power and metals holding En+ (MOEX: ENPG; LSE: ENPL), a leading global producer of low-carbon aluminium and renewable energy, has launched a large-scale project to upgrade and relocate walking excavators for the development of a new production site at the Cheremkhovskoye deposit.

A total of eight draglines will be upgraded under the programme, which will run for seven years, with total investment in upgrading these unique machines amounting to more than RUB 2 billion.

The first to undergo deep reconstruction will be the excavator ESh 15/90. This will include modernisation of its stepping and electric drive control system and installation of a centralised lubrication system. The rivet joints fixing the machine body and parts will be replaced with high-strength bolts. Additionally, the excavator will be painted; the area of painting will be 7.5 thousand square metres. All works will be carried out at the Rudoremontny plant, which is part of the holding.

Vladimir Kolmogorov, General Director of En+, said: "The development of new sites at the Cheremkhovskoye deposit is a major investment project, the implementation of which will ensure sustainable coal production for many years, as well as improve the quality of the product supplied to domestic and foreign markets. An integral part of the project is the modernisation of the main equipment, which is unique as these draglines are the size of an eleven-storey building and weigh more than one and a half thousand tonnes each. They are at the very beginning of the coal mining production process and are designed to remove the ground above the coal deposits".

The first walking excavator will be modernised by the end of 2024 and will immediately start stripping operations at new areas of the Cheremkhovskoye coal deposit.


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