Metal segment, Alumina

Results in 2019

1,210 ktpa

total capacity and utilisation rate, 38% alumina

461 kt

alumina production level

WINDALCO’s bauxite and alumina production complex comprises refineries in Ewarton, St Catherine and Kirkvine, Manchester; bauxite mines in Swallenburg; the Port Esquivel shipping port in St Catherine, and agricultural farms in Manchester and St Ann.

Construction began on the Kirkvine Works plant in 1950. In 1952, commercial mining began and the first alumina was produced in December that same year.

Bauxite mined at the site is used at the refinery for alumina production. Alumina and hydrate are sold to both internal and external parties.

Development plans

Major development projects include expanding the mud stacking facility, constructing a sand removal system, and rehabilitating the digestion and ball mill areas.

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