Goal 15: Life on land

En+ Group’s production facilities are located across Russia and the world. However, the Group’s main assets are located in Siberia, which is considered a unique ecoregion with rare plant and animal species only found in this area. Conserving biodiversity is a key principle of sustainability, which is why En+ Group is leading long-term projects aimed at preserving the region’s biodiversity and conserving ecosystems. En+ Group aims to rehabilitate any contaminated or disturbed land resulting from its operations. Its main focuses are disturbed land after open-pit mining activities have finished and waste disposal facilities such as ash dumps and landfills.

En+ Group programmes


Ensuring the safety of our tailing dams

The rehabilitation of the land we use in our operations is one of our key responsibilities.


Educating children on protecting ecosystems

We are helping to educate children about their unique local ecosystems.


Environmental monitoring

We conduct a wide range of long-term projects aimed at maintaining and preserving the biological diversity of the Nature Reserves.


Voluntary eco-initiatives to protect Lake Baikal

In 2011, we established ‘Baikal 360’ to help protect Lake Baikal and surrounding areas from the impact of tourists.


Preservation of the Baikal Seal

En+ Group has participated in a project to support the preservation of the Baikal seal


Artificial reproduction programme to protect fish species

Since 2014, En+ Group has been funding an artificial fish breeding programme to support the stock levels of fish of the Angara River.

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